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Fees for non NHS Services

Why are fees charged?

The contract the practice has covers medical services to NHS patients. In recent years more and more organisations have been requesting GP’s to complete a wide range of non-NHS work and certification.

This work is not funded by the government, so GP’s have to charge a fee to cover their time and other administrative expenses.

Examples of non-NHS services for which GP’s can charge their own patients are:

  • Accident/sickness certificates for insurance purposes
  • Reports for health clubs to certify that patients are fit to exercise
  • Pre-employment medicals

Examples of non-NHS services for which GP’s can charge other institutions are:

  • Life assurance and income protection reports for insurance companies
  • Reports for the DWP in connection with DLA and attendance allowance
  • Medical reports for local authorities in connection with adoption and fostering

Surely the GP is being paid anyway?

It is important to understand that many GP’s are not employed by the NHS. They are self-employed and they have to cover costs of everything from the limited NHS funds provided, for example staff wages, buildings, heating, lighting, in the same way any small business has to.

Do GP’s have to do non-NHS work?

GP’s do not have to carry this work out. Many GP’s will however try to help their patients with this work where it is in their area of knowledge, understanding and expertise.

Why does it take a long time to complete my form/letter?

Time spend completing forms and preparing reports etc takes the GP away from the medical care of patients which is their top priority. GP’s have an ever increasing workload of forms, reports, certificates etc which must be prioritised against offering appointments and other urgent administrations like referrals and results. We aim to complete non-NHS work within 28 working days of receiving your request.

I only need the GP’s signature- what’s the problem?

When the GP signs a certificate or completes a report it is a condition of remaining on the medical register that they can only sign what they know to be true. In order to complete even the simplest of forms the GP may in some cases need to check your full medical records.

What will I be charged?

The BMA recommends that GP’s tell patients in advance if they will be charged and what the fee will be. It is up to the individual GP to decide how much they will charge.

What can I do to help?

Not all documents need a GP signature, you may be able to ask another person in a position of trust to complete your document. Do not expect your GP to process your request overnight, urgent requests may mean that a GP has to make special arrangements and this may cost more.

Hospital Hill Surgery Non NHS Fees

The NHS does not extend to a number of services carried out by the practice – for which the following charges will apply. There is also a time frame of up to 28 working days for these services to be processed. All requests must be put in writing to the practice.

DescriptionFee PayablePayable by  
Sickness/Accident insurance/Holiday cancellation/Fit to travel form (no examination)£31.25 to £78.00Patient/requester
Sickness/Accident insurance/Holiday cancellation/Fit to travel form (with examination)£94 to £187.50Patient/requester
Simple letter containing fact & no opinion£31.25£40Patient/requester
Simple letter containing fact & and opinion£62.50Patient/requester
Complex letter£125Patient/requester
General report – extracted from medical records (no examination)£125Patient/requester
General report – extracted from medical records (with examination)£187.50Patient/requester
General medical – for employment/sport/charity event/gym membership etc£187.50Patient/requester
Private prescription£31.25Patient
Private medical certificate(fit note)£48.00Patient
Private blood testing (enquire with labs for costs)£78.00 +any lab costsPatient
Firearms certificate (code 9DP0 in pt record)£78.00Patient
DVLA report (fee indicated by DVLA)N/ADVLA
HGV/PCV medical£187.50Patient/requester
Stagecoach report (fee indicated by Stagecoach)£44.00 maximumStagecoach
Guardianship order£234.00Solicitors
Soul & Conscience letterNo feeN/A
Council Tax exemption formNo feeN/A
Jury Duty exemption letterNo feeN/A
Adoption/ foster care report/medical (fee indicated by agency)N/AAdoption/Foster agency
Additional/excessive request for copy of medical records£0.55 per sheet plus £15.00 admin feePatient