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There are several ways to order your repeat prescriptions. Please note that full information has to be given for all repeat requests - we need the name of the medication as noted on your prescription request form, the dose you normally take, the amount you require. We also need your full name and address as well as a current contact telephone number. 

Unless you state otherwise in your request, the prescription will be available using the method we have recorded for you - if you require to change collection arrangements, you must note this in your request.  If you are ordering your repeat prescription before this is routinely due, this may not be issued.   It is therefore recommended that if you are deliberately ordering early due to holidays, note this with your request. 

By hand: You will have a list of all your regular repeat prescriptions attached to every prescription you receive.  You simply tick the box beside the medication you require and either hand the slip in to Reception or post it to the surgery.  If you enclose a stamped addressed envelope we will post your prescription in two working days.  If you have an arrangement for your prescriptions to be delivered to a local pharmacy, this will also be done in two working days.  Otherwise, your prescription will be available for collection from reception in two working days

By telephone:  You can telephone the surgery and leave a message requesting your repeat prescription.   Patients must ensure all the information requested in the message you hear is given.  If this is not the case, the prescription will not be issued.   Prescriptions will be available in two working days.

Online: The form below allows you to order repeat medication online.  All relevant boxes must be completed.  The prescription will be available in two working days.

Patient Access:  You can sign up to allow you to order your repeat prescriptions directly from your medical records.  To arrange this, speak to a receptionist who will be able to register you and give you a password to allow you to access this system. 

Email:  You can request your repeat medication via email.  Full details of your name, address and current contact telephone number must be given.  Full details of the medication you require should also be listed, including dosage and amount required.  If all the details are not give, the request cannot e processed.    Prescriptions will be available in two working days.



If you require a prescription which is not included in the list of your repeat medication, this request must be requested directly with the practice.  You can either telephone and speak to a receptionist or call in to speak to staff at the desk. All these requests will be passed to the GPs and the decision to issue the prescription willbe made by a GP.   You maybe asked to make an appointment to discuss the request with your GP.  This will not always be processed the same day as not all our GPs are in surgery each day.


Repeat Prescription Request Form

The form below is can only be used for ROUTINE REPEAT PRESCRIPTION requests. For all other requests, please contact the surgery. Please use the details from your repeat prescription slip, not the details on the packaging of your medication.

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